How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Michigan?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Michigan?

The price of medical marijuana varies across dispensaries in Michigan. Marijuana quality, strains, product type, and dispensary location are important factors that affect the price of medical marijuana. In Michigan, the average cost of an ounce of high quality marijuana is $290 while the average cost of an ounce of medium quality marijuana is $273. The average price of a medium quality joint of marijuana (0.66 grams) in the state is $6.36.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Dispensary in Michigan?

No. Credit cards are not allowed at medical marijuana provisioning centers (MMPCs), or medical marijuana dispensaries, in Michigan because banks and credit card companies do not process weed orders due to the ban on marijuana at the federal level. However, debit cards and cash are accepted for medical marijuana orders at Michigan dispensaries.

Does Michigan Tax Medical Marijuana Sales?

Yes. In Michigan, medical marijuana is subject to a sales tax of 6%.

Does Recreational Marijuana Cost More Than Medical Marijuana in Michigan?

In Michigan, there is an excise tax of 10% and a sales tax of 6% on recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is likely to cost more than medical marijuana in Michigan due to the additional excise tax on adult-use marijuana.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Michigan does not have a state-sponsored program for offering registered medical marijuana patients lower prices on their medical cannabis purchases. However, medical marijuana patients can save money on their marijuana orders by taking advantage of dispensary discounts. They can also spend less on their medical cannabis prescriptions if they:

  • Cultivate their own cannabis plants: Michigan allows any qualified patient to grow up to 12 medical marijuana plants/mileg.aspx?page=GetObject&objectname=mcl-333-26424) at home in an enclosed facility
  • Eat certain fat-based foods: Consuming foods like avocado and salmon that contain good fat can increase the potency of marijuana
  • Buy in bulk: A qualified patient can purchase in bulk up to the maximum allowed amount of medical marijuana in Michigan rather than buying in bits
  • Shop at various dispensaries: Visiting different dispensaries to compare medical cannabis prices can help a buyer find better offers
  • Edibles: They have longer-lasting effects than smokable forms of marijuana. Therefore, a medical cannabis patient may get better relief after switching to affordable edibles
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