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Ann Arbor Weed Delivery

Marijuana delivery is legal in Ann Arbor for qualified persons. Recreational marijuana delivery is allowed for adults aged 21 years or older and medical marijuana is legal for patients with valid medical marijuana cards. Note that delivery locations provided to dispensaries must be residential addresses. Due to state regulations, dispensaries cannot deliver marijuana to hotels, restaurants, bars, and other non-residential addresses.

Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Legal in Ann Arbor?

Yes. Ann Arbor allows medical marijuana deliveries within its jurisdiction under Rule 7 in the Marijuana Operations Rule Set.

Does Ann Arbor Allow Recreational Marijuana Delivery?

Yes. Ann Arbor permits recreational marijuana deliveries in accordance with the Michigan Administrative Code Rule 420.207.

Can You Order Weed Online in Ann Arbor?

Ordering marijuana online for recreational or medical use is legal in Ann Arbor. To order weed online, you may need to sign up on the website of the retailer prior to placing an order. Some dispensaries allow buyers to place orders over the phone, meaning you can order weed from such dispensaries by calling their contact numbers. Most order payments will be made online, but delivery services are allowed to accept cash.

How Much Weed Can You Order for Delivery in Ann Arbor?

When using a recreational marijuana delivery service, you can order up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, with a maximum of 15 grams in concentrated form. On the other hand, medical marijuana patients can order 16 ounces of solid-form marijuana-infused products, 36 fluid ounces of liquid-form marijuana-infused products, or 7 grams of gaseous-form marijuana-infused products.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Use Weed Delivery Services in Ann Arbor?

Adults aged 21 or older can order recreational marijuana products for delivery in Ann Arbor. For medical marijuana delivery services in the city, patients must be at least 18 to benefit from them. Minors may be able to use medical marijuana delivery services through their approved adult caregivers, but no such provision exists for recreational marijuana users.

Who Can Provide Weed Delivery Service in Ann Arbor?

Licensed delivery drivers working for provisioning centers and retail marijuana establishments licensed by the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency can offer marijuana delivery services in Ann Arbor.

How to Find an Ann Arbor Weed Delivery Service Near Me

You may browse directories for retail marijuana dispensaries online to find retailers offering delivery services to your local area.

Do You Need to Present Your ID to Receive Weed Delivery in Ann Arbor?

You must provide a valid ID with the address of the delivery to the delivery driver to receive a recreational marijuana delivery. To receive a medical marijuana delivery, you must present a valid ID and a medical marijuana ID card.